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Footwear Friends

“For over 180 years people who work in the footwear trade have been able to turn to Footwear Friends for help and support from within their own industry.

Since its foundation in 1836  the benevolent society has assisted thousands of people and continues to do so through a programme of financial and other support to those in need.

As the industry has changed so has the Society. It originally provided support and almshouses for retired workers from manufacturing who had fallen on hard times. Today Footwear Friends provides financial assistance to individuals of all ages working in all areas of the footwear trade from manufacturing and shoe repair to design and retail and other related fields

Financial grants are made to those with exceptional needs for whom state support is insufficient or not forthcoming. Typically many individuals and families are in distress and have few other places to turn to for support.

Footwear Friends continues to prove itself as a true friend time and time again.

Footwear Friends receives many requests for help on behalf of people connected to the shoe trade every year.

These are usually referred to us by local agencies with close knowledge of the special problems of the individuals concerned. Problems arising from long term illness or disability receive special attention and equally the aged and families with young children.

We do accept applications from individuals but these must be verified by an independent witness.

Every application we receive will be considered at a meeting of the Executive Committee, whose members decide what help the Society can offer to the applicant. For an application to be considered it is nescessary that you have been employed in the shoe trade, normally for a minimum of five years, however each application will be considered on its individual needs, even if this falls short of the five years employment history

We make cash grants to meet exceptional needs such as appliances, disability equipment or essential repairs. We may also offer on-going support to those whom state support is insufficient. “

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